Results - Sunday 9 September 2018

Congratulation to all the Bendigo Baseball Association Premiers for season 2018

Division 2 (C Grade)

Scots  7 d Strathfieldsaye Dodgers 4

Division 1B (B Grade)

Bendigo East (2) 10 d Strathfieldsaye Dodgers 6

Division 1A (A Grade)

Scots 11 d Falcons (1) 5 

Division 2 Award winners - 2018

Coach's Award - Gary Ahdore (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Umpire's Award - John Honey (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Fielding Award - Wayne Petri (Scots)

Batting Award - Anthony Medhurst (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Runnerup MVP - Gary Ahdore (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Most Valuable Player - Anthony Medherst (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Division 1 B Award winners - 2018

Coach's Award - Steve Skipper (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Umpire's Award - Kane Tieman (Bendigo East)

Batting Award - Rod Baulch (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Golden Gloves

Pitcher - Rod Baulch (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Catcher - Duncan Lever (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

1st base - Craig Eeles (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

2nd base - Michael Brown (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

3rd base - Dylan Stanyer (Falcons)

Short stop - Kane Tieman (Bendigo East)

Left field - Matthew Brown (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Centre field - Nick Whatley (Strathfieldsaye Dodgers)

Right field - Sam Hewitt (Bendigo East)

Runner up MVP - Kane Tieman (Bendigo East)

Most Valuable Player - Charlie Hay (Bendigo East

Division 1A Award winners -2018

Coach's award (Joint Winners)

Joel Brownlee (Scots) and Michael Peters (Falcons)

Umpire's award - Michael Peters (Falcons)

Batting award - - Michael Peters (Falcons)

John Newman Pitching award- Michael Peters (Falcons)

Leigh Tuckerman Rookie of the Year- Joe Parsons (Scots)

Golden Gloves

Catcher - James O;Keefe (Bendigo East)

1st base - Anthony Sherriff (Bendigo East)

2nd base- Brendan Aikman (Bendigo East)

3rd base - Brad Muns (Falcons)

Short stop - Sean Meldrum (Scots)

Left field - Trent Jackson (Falcons)

Centre field - Sam Hewitt (Bendigo East)

Runner up MVP - Joel Brownlee (Scots)

Most Valuable Player 2018 - Michael Peters (Falcons)

Right field - Troy Waterman (Falcons)


Publicity Report

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Reports are to be completed within 24 hours of the finish time of the game, by the winning team.

Finals Hosts

2017 - Strathfieldsaye Dodgers

2018 - Bendigo East

2019 - Falcons

2020 - Scots